How to Make More Money Using Purely Mechanical Stock Trading

ETF Pairs Arbitrage is one of the best long standing strategies we have ever seen, earning over 560% compounded return since 3 March 2015!

Meet a goose that lays golden eggs

ETF Pairs Arbitrage (EPA), developed and published by Beau Wolinsky (BWO), is fully mechanical in nature – that means it takes the human equation out of trading and produces trading signals through pure technical analysis by mathematically analyzing stock market data.



  • All time profit approaching 600% with current 54.36% APR
  • Its best year earned 91.69% in 2018 when the S&P 500 was down -6.24%
  • YTD is 22.05%
  • It averages 2.5 trades per month – incredibly easy to trade!
  • BWO’s average forum response time to subscriber questions is less than 12 hours.
  • Actual trading results for the last 5 years have beaten research results going back 10 years.
  • Award winning Best Robo Advisor three years in a row.


A technical word on ETF Pairs Arbitrage (EPA) from BWO…

EPA uses Chebyshev’s Theorem of 1865 and the 1895 Empirical Rule of Statistics to compute one of the three possible ranges of values for the market:
  • Fair Value Question: When does fair value happen? The answer is after Normalization. So this is a Normalized Volatility Based Overbought Oversold Threshold,
  • Overvalued, and our favorite,
  • Undervalued.

The only [human] intuition I really have is to take Armageddon Events seriously, and, if one were to appear, I have a failsafe overlay to just exit the position and wait for Normalysis to take its power over the market once again. Emotion plays no part in my WealthSignals.

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Where would you rather put your money?

A $10,000 investment following the S&P 500 since EPA’s 3 March 2015 starting date would have compounded to approximately $13,024 today, but the same allocation of capital following the EPA Strategy would be worth $63,188That’s 17.59 times greater return on investment!

Compare the S&P 500 vs ETF Pairs Arbitrage (EPA)
Returns by year S&P 500 EPA Missed out
2015 -1.58% 33.60% 35.18%
2016 11.89% 34.70% 22.81%
2017 21.53% 50.10% 28.57%
2018 -4.54% 91.70% 96.24%
2019 10.30% 22.05% 11.75%
Compounded 30.57% 531.88% 501.31%
Annualized 6.49% 54.36% 47.87%

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WealthSignals?

WealthSignals is a marketplace for strategy authors to sell their trading alerts to subscribers without giving away their intellectual property – the strategy itself.

Are WealthSignals results real?

Signaling is “live”, but WealthSignals displays hypothetical results based on real market data. In practice, if you trade a market-order EOD strategy like ETF Pairs Arbitrage, you can duplicate trading entries and exits by placing “Market On Open” orders with your broker.

How does EPA deliver signals?

EPA signaling usually occurs shortly after the market’s close. WealthSignals transmits signals and updates to Subscribers by email. Subscribers can also access signals by logging in to the system’s page.

What is EPA’s average investment size?

When you subscribe to a WealthSignals strategy, you will enter the allocation of capital that you intend to use to trade the system. This allows WeathSignals to send you the correct position size for signals. Allocation entered by subscribers varies greatly from $10K to more than $400K, averaging approximately $50K.

What makes us experts?
The same team who created Wealth-Lab, one of the top-rated technical analysis software in the world (now owned by Fidelity Investments, but still supported by us) also created WealthSignals. For nearly 20 years we have been rubbing shoulders with mechanical trading system authors from all over the world: problem solving, creating new charting extensions, analysis tools and data solutions, and just improving financial data research. Making was a way for us to encourage End-of-Day (EOD) system authors to share their talents with the world. We expected great things, and we weren’t disappointed.

Check out your next mechanical Strategy's Performance Details

Mechanical Investing
Mechanical investing is any one of a number of ways of buying and selling stocks according to pre-set criteria or triggers…
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