Dion is a software developer, trader, father, and abstract painter living in Sarasota, Florida, with a passion for technical analysis and backtesting. In 2000, Dion launched, the first web site that featured portfolio level backtesting.
Marcel is a software engineer with a M.S. in computer science who loves to play and watch football (soccer), never says no to a good poker game and coffee is basically his lifeblood. He founded his first company at 14 and speaks German, English and several programming languages. His passion is traveling to any place warm (he hates the cold) and has an addiction to spicy food.
With an M.S. in electrical engineering Robert worked for 13 years in the aerospace industry (and flew more than 30 test missions in F-15E's) before moving to the Canary Islands to pursue girls a career in day trading. He created the first third party add-on for Wealth-Lab - which was just enough to con Dion and Volker into hiring him. Also a father (twice) and a trader, Robert speaks Spanish (and English), plays guitar, surfs, water skis, snowboards, plays all racket sports, and weight lifts to try to stay in shape in his old age.

Quantacula LLC

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