It is my honest opinion - Beau’s ETF Pairs Arbitrage Strategy is truly Superb. Beau’s responses to Subscriber’s questions are prompt and right to the point. I am 110% satisfied!
- Alex Tsai
Senior Information Technology Professional
Yes, I'm a subscriber! As the co-founder of Wealth-Lab software and avid user, I know how hard it is to create a winning strategy. I also know how to spot one. When I saw Beau's system first go up on WealthSignals, the research results piqued my interest. I watched it for more than a year - I like to think of myself as a cautious man. My rule of thumb is to expect twice the drawdown and half the return of a backtest. ETF Pairs Arbitrage blew that idea out of the water - its highly uncommon to find a strategy that has a promising backtest but then performs better in live trading! You can only miss out for so long, so I jumped in, subscribed, and allocated an increasingly larger percentage of my own trading capital to follow the system. I could not be happier with its continued outsized performance and simplicity to trade. Thanks Beau!
- Volker Knapp
President WealthSignals,
Co-founder Wealth-Lab,
Former President VTAD (Germany’s MTA)