When Authors have a Facebook Profile for their company, add rating
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Tue Nov 5, 2019 - 20:11
Hi, WS, can we add the rating of my company from my Facebook page as a widget? Have a 4.2/5.0 which is pretty exceptional so I would like to show that rating and also update it with the widget on my strategy description page..I could just add it, but then it wouldn't update when it changes and while some ratings have changed I have a facebook page that represents KCCMBWO and would like to add the rating widget..possibly google's too..;)
Wed Nov 6, 2019 - 05:12
- Dynamic content may present security risk.
- In essence, aren't those widgets unnecessary bells & whistles.
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Wed Nov 6, 2019 - 07:19
It's been earned Eugene, dynamic content is just a widget from facebook, and it's simple enough for google to trace the name KCCMBWO and show the widget and link to my facebook profile without making it look like clickbait, you know?

It's not like I'd look for others, the recent twitter feed would show as B.W.O. @BWorldOmnimedia and I guess maybe we're expanding this to include widgets that could detect when they've been clicked on and that would create backlinks without having to use search in google for EPA or any of my other systems whose equity curves are shown in my Algo shop on KCCMBWO's facebook page.

I guess I'd like to see a widget based environment just to get to know the authors better..maybe have a rule that we all have to follow each other...will you please follow my handle @BWorldOmnimedia through wealthlabpro..seems like it would be nice to have more than business partners featured..I'm more of a contractor to you all so I thought lightening up on the amount of information presented and to comprehend would increase time spent searching the pages here and it is my conclusion I have a great opportunity to gain even more subscribers than we have today and about 10% of my current base is signed up for a year and I'm pretty sure I can make them money so with regard to the widget request, I'd expect it to be customized into the strategy description page of any system's portal, and not anywhere that would take away from the formal analysis of anybody's equity curve..it would be distracting to some to see widgets on the performance tab of a system but for an author who wants to put a strategy description onto their description tab I think we can accommodate facebook ratings and links to page widgets and Twitter Recent Tweets as well as any widget that could be used by google...nah just FB and Twitter links to author accounts would allow others to profile more of their operations, but to my mind I believe there are a limited few that have both a Twitter and Facebook widget they could add and I can e-mail my widgets for these right now to Cone so that we don't have to share them and if you find there's a way to add them in a customizable link similar to logging into an FB or Twitter feed that allows an author to feature either in final the facebook community user rating and a backlink to that corporation's page as well as a twitter feed with most recent tweets shown and link to my profile for them to follow..
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