Can't enter or modify signals
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Wed Aug 12, 2020 - 10:10
I just created a Strategy on WealthSignals and sent some signals form Quantacula.

Some questions:
* WS accepted just thre signals, all other signals dir not arrive. Why?
* I can't delete or modify the signals sent nor can I enter new signals manually. Why?

All this looks like I have some kind of "restricted" mode. What is the reason for this?
Thu Aug 13, 2020 - 12:30
You can delete or modify signals sent as well as enter new signals manually on the WealthSignals website. What makes you think the opposite?
Thu Aug 13, 2020 - 15:26
Were all of the signals in the same Signal Block and submitted at the same time? How many signals were there in total that only 3 made it to WS?
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Thu Aug 13, 2020 - 16:08
I sent a Buy@Market signal for symbol "BKH" which is not included in WS's available symbols.

Then I did send some Sell@Market signals for nonexisting positions (it is the first day with WS).
These orders were silently ignored.

Finally I checked the WS page after the grace period had expired. So I found a "read only page".

All this confused me yesterday.

Today things look much better.

Anyway, I think some better response (inside Quantacula) for signals which are ignored (by WealthSignals) would be helpfull.
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